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Issue 59
27th Dec, 2013

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Hi {!firstname_fix},

The end of the year gives us a natural sweet spot for reflection.

Take the time to stop and reflect before you hit 2014.

What can you celebrate about this year? What did you do well? Where did you choose in alignment with that you really value? What were your highs? What did you really enjoy? Who did you really connect with?

We so easily forget how far we've come. Look back in your appointments diary, read back on your journal, reflect.

And on the flip side: What do you regret this year? This is positive question when we realise that, when we know the answer, we have the power to ensure that it doesn't happen as we move into 2014.

In my next issue I'll be guiding you on how to identify, make and achieve your 2014 goals, in the meantime, I've given you a frank report on how my 2013 goals went. Check out my article below.

All my love as the door to 2013 closes and the truly exciting 2014 opens.

Supporting your change,

P.S. A very special welcome to my new readers. It's a great pleasure to bring my world into yours and help support you on your own journey. Stay connected for more inspiration, practical tips and exciting programs to guide you onwards!

How Did I Do With My 2013 Goals?


Earlier this week I was skimming back through my planner for 2013. As I flicked over a page, my eyes rested on this and I got goose pimples looking at it.

At the end of 2012, I spent time reflecting on what I really wanted out of 2013. How I wanted my world to shift. I came up with the three most important things. And I wrote them down.

They were:

1 - "2013 is the year I really take care of myself"

I was fed up of working all hours, of prioritising success over how I felt inside, of telling myself that there wasn't time for me to mosaic, to colour, to cycle - to do the things that brought me alive.

Sound familiar?

Continue reading this article here:

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"I feel like a different person"

"When I came to Alison my life was a mess. I was extremely down and found it difficult to motivate myself to do anything. I felt directionless and just couldn't see a way forward.

I now feel like a different person. Alison is so easy to talk to, and the work I did with her gave me confidence, focus, and direction. She has helped me realise and live by the things I value most in life.

In our 6 months together I achieved major changes in many aspects of my life including work, socially and in my diet. I am now a very different person: I am stronger and more confident - I want to be heard and seen! I am better able to deal with whatever life throws at me and as well as being much more able to stand up for myself I now have that all important: a focus - a way forward. "

Words from Jane Young, participant in my six month 1 to 1 coaching program.

This year has been all about change for me.

Change can be so bewildering. It's good to stop and realise that it is at the heart of what it means to be a growing evolving human. We cannot move towards what we ache for or away from what causes us so much pain if we do not change.

Reflecting on how life-transforming change is helps us cope with it.

And what better way for me to do that than colouring a mandala designed by the wonderful Carol Omer

"I willingly embrace change and new growth

Change is constant and without change there is no growth.


C.reating H.appiness A.nd N.ew G.rowth E.veryday"

These little gems are for your toolkit. They are tips that have helped me on my journey - they're real, authentic and they work. Pop them in your rucksack:

PASSIONS - Did you do what you LOVED in 2013? If not, what was missing? Make a list of what you want to bring into your life to fire you up over the next year.

RELATIONSHIPS - If there's someone who you struggle to be with, bring to mind 2/3 things that you love about them/that they bring you and give those space as you spend time with them.

STATE OF MIND - Gratitude is the antidote to frustration, regret or anger. Make a list of all the things, people, events and happenings you have been grateful for this last year. You can make it a real long 'un!

Alison is founder of Path Less Trodden, an organisation dedicated to transforming lives.

She has spent over 15 years learning how to make real, satisfying change to a life. She's made multiple successful transformations herself. She found freedom from weight issues, losing 140 pounds. She transformed debilitating health issues into a vibrant, youthful body. A high-flying, traditional career path conflicted with her values and she broke free to ultimately craft a fulfilling vocation as a life coach. Her journey involved travelling widely, and has culminated in discovering a new life in Italy.

Alison now shares her experience, knowledge and skills through her unique '7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams' system, providing regular inspiration in the form of the Dare to Dream eZine, coaching people to success in their own lives and providing programs that help people claim and live their dreams.

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