Hair Mineral Analysis

Site for wellness and nutrition coach Will Houghton – – features an extensive woocommerce shop

Timber Intent

Beautiful architecutre and tensile structures on and sister sites and

Music Let Loose
portfolio – our open source program – an mp3 player for wordpress that lets you browse the site as you play songs.

Robert Michael Kay
portfolio – stunning musician site with a persistent player at the bottom and youtube videos that integrate withthe music player…

Stroke Solutions

A site that manages a nationwide network of stroke rehabilitation trainers, stroke survivors, their payments, their diaries, their contracts etc… Freedom Online Services passed the development work on to another developer some years ago but has continued to provide consultancy … Read More


Been excellent working with Rob! We were a horrendously pernickity client, and yet Rob and his team bore with us through all! The results are a phenomenal site….

Mehti Murose

brilliant person to work with by far, best and most transparent service I have ever seen, would work with him again


Let me just tell you people one thing; Working with Rob has been an absolute pleasure. His skillset is sharp, and his communication sharper.


My website improves each week and the progress would move faster if I could devote more time to the project. Rob keeps the deadlines we agree on and he is responsive with email.