EmailMe WP Plugin

Creates an email link from the shortcode that spam bots don’t find. By default it uses your wp admin email but you can specify as parameters either:

  • ‘name’ (for the first portion of the email before the @ symbol)
  • ‘addr’ for the full email
  • ‘display’ for what the link should actually display in between the <a> tags.

If your wp-admin panel email (check your General Setting panel)
is: then

  • =>
  • =>
  • => someoneelse@somewhereelse.fake
  • => info at freedomonlineservices dot net (but linked to the actual email!)

Note you can also set the ‘display’ option to an image tag if you use single quotes.

See this live here:

Download it here: emailme

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  1. Brian
    Brian at | | Reply

    I uploaded your plugin onto, how do I create a form on a page?

  2. LC
    LC at | | Reply


    The plugin works for me when I type these parameters into a text widget:

    [emailme display="email me"]

    As I don’t want to display the email address, just the text “email me” to link to it.

    However, when I try to type in the parameter for email me with display:

    The image does not show up the website – there appears to be a broken image icon. Please help.

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