Want to move your business or creative project to the next level?

Here’s how...


What are you trying to do here and why?

We often lose sight of these questions when we’re moving from one crisis to the next. They are the starting point and need to be treated as such. I’ll keep questioning you to make sure you are as clear as you can possibly be about where you are heading and why.


Your strategies should flow naturally from your goals but they are often blocked by beliefs or fears.

Believing people won’t respond to something you put out there, fearing doing something when in reality it’s the only option. I promise I’ll keep on at you until you let go of all these beliefs and fears.


It’s crucial to have systems.

If you can do it right three times you should never need to do it again. The instructions you write should make processes simple enough that either you can pay someone else to do it cheap, or you can do it yourself painlessly. The systems I’ve developed and the ones my team have helped me develop for my web business have been absolutely invaluable. I’ll help you do the same.

As a proven entrepreneur and business owner and as a creative who gets that there’s more to life than just ‘work’, I can help you take your business to the next level.

I offer one-off troubleshoot calls, or alternatively five or ten call packages. for details.

Rob Kay

Director at Freedom Online Services (a division of Casalini Ltd)

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