Phoenix ImagoWelcome friend,

My name’s Rob Kay. I completed my Masters degree in computing from Imperial College back in 2002. After teaching yoga and also briefly music, I got back into web development in 2008 to built several sites for myself and some friends/associates. Since then I have been doing freelance web development (php, jquery, mysql, wordpress, html, responsive css) and online marketing consultations (organic seo, social networking, blogging).

My services include:

  • PHP/JQuery/Wordpress site maintenance – got a custom built site that needs sorting out? I can get my head around it and make the changes/fixes you need. Check out a few of my maintenance jobs here.
  • WordPress full site build – I can manage your websute project, find the right designer if neccessary, code it to perfection. WordPress is appropriate not only for blogs but also for many content management and e-commerce tasks. Check out some of the projects I’ve managed from start to finish here.
  • SEO package – I can make technical change on your website and advise you on a strategy to do reach your seo goals, whatever they are. Check out some of my SEO projects here.
  • HTML emails – want rock solid html emails? Mailchimp/Aweber’s templates not flexible/reliable enough for you? I have a fast and reliable system for doing this that I created for my own projects. Check out some of my html email projects here.
  • Responsive HTML/CSS – Have a PSD you want coded as beautiful html? Have an existing website you want made responsive? Check out my responsive jobs here
  • Want a WordPress plugin developed/Customized? Check out my plugins here
  • Want a sales page/holding page? Check out a few of mine here.
  • All websites and pages are tested on every imaginable device and browser thanks to Browser Stack. Huge thanks to them for helping support our open source development program!

As you’ll see from my testimonials, I’m friendly, a clear communicator, reliable and highly capable.

If you’d like to talk, please drop a line to and we’ll talk.

I look forward to speaking with you,